Products Delivery

Our product line includes full fledged ERP solutions for large enterprises, Estimation system for engineering, Document management system for safekeeping of valuable documents and MIS applications for the health industry. Interactive education applications for educators. Reach us to know more.

Our team offers you everything from requirement analysis to operational testing and ongoing support. We endeavour to provide innovative solutions and services using multiple technologies and across various domains. We also offer you the freedom of using software at your desired locations without the hassles of installation , maintenance etc.,

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Our innovative ERP solution, integrates seamlessly, with existing business processes and management systems, across various levels and functions in an organisation.

It has a unique auditable security mechanism, ensuring confidentiality of data and choice viewership.

It is compatible within any multi-user environment and is function specific. It comes with an automated timely backup facility, along with an archive for safekeeping of information.

It’s easy restore function and pre-security feature, enhances the product usability. A special feature offered in this product is, a complete disaster recovery plan to protect against failures and mishaps.

This product is meant to take away routine operational and management functions that burden valuable thinking time. Its main purpose is to raise qualitative and quantitative excellence in an organisation.

This software is widely used in areas of finance, human resource, operations management and other such functions.

Estimation System

This software product is an offset of intense analysis, technical research and tested performance on the field. It is versatile with a variety of specialised programs, that can provide a full suite of industrial designs, which can help to execute mechanical engineering estimates and more.

It is an easy to navigate construction takeoff and estimating software, that makes working on, managing and sharing any blueprint, from anywhere easier than you ever thought possible, right on your computer screen.

It has powerful assemblies that use Excel spreadsheets, advanced statistics models, scientific mathematic concepts and empirical data to ensure accuracy and precision. It is dependent on the input data or criteria, that determines the accuracy of the output result.

This software is widely used by mechanical contractors and subcontractors, it offers a paperless way to make the job fast, simple and hassle free, whether its being used for generating takeoffs or taking plans on site, making on-the-spot estimates for material consumption, direct and indirect man-hours required, costs for flooring, painting, plumbing, insulation, carpeting, scaffolding, roofing, tiling, piping, brick laying and other such requirements for planning and decision making.

Its security feature allows only the administrator to have access at each level. The profit, accrual, overhead recovery, commission, and related confidential details are well secured. It comes with an inbuilt disaster recovery feature, thus enabling safety of data, lost due to any failure.

Document Management System

This product provides for long term, secure and reliable storage of documents. It creates new files, handles filing, manages security, archival, retention, distribution and querying. It’s unique feature is that, it establishes a paperless office environment. This product is compatible with other software products, thus enabling: retrieval of existing documents and working from various database archives, from the internet or any other standalone software.

It’s automatic built- in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, converts scanned images into machine readable text. This text can be edited and is automatically saved in separate files for clarification and verification.

This product keeps a proper log of events, which help to control and audit the access of each and every occasion. It makes content portable and available, just about anywhere, anytime by allowing partial transfer of data onto external storage devices like the server, laptop etc.

To prevent documents from being accessed by outsiders, it provides a proper encrypted and logical security gateway .