About the company

Who we are:

IICT offers a wide range of IT services, outsourcing and business solutions, customized to meet business needs. Our IT services will give you an edge over your competitors, keeping well within your budget requirements and, providing high quality and efficiency.

We provide services for leading banks and financial institutions, educational institutions, infrastructure companies, health care industry and IT companies.

What we do:

We build solutions and applications that can be integrated into your existing business environment, enabling you to use your resources for maximum productivity and enhanced quality. Our products are not off the shelf, instead, created and designed around your needs.


To deliver solutions for complex needs, by simplifying technology with innovation.


  • Achieve customer satisfaction in all our endeavours.
  • Be accountable to shareholder investments.
  • Provide employees inspiration to deliver their best.

Management Profile

Team IICT, has the knowledge, experience, and technology prowess for optimizing your business needs. The management team comes with over 20 years of experience in corporate management and IT solutions, domain specialization in e-business, technical support outsourcing, systems and processes consultation, project management, product development, implementation, training and servicing.